2019 International gathering around the work of KRISHNAMURTI.

Saturday 27th July arrival day – Saturday 10th August departure day
In Hôtel Sport Chalet - Mürren
above Lauterbrunnen near Interlaken, Switzerland
Reachable by cable car only – altitude 1650 m.
(You can come for one or two weeks)


“Only when there is compassion does the intelligence exist
that gives humankind security and stability,
an enormous feeling of strength.”
J. Krishnamurti

We do feel that the approach of Krishnamurti gains even more importance
in highlighting the current challenges humanity has to face.

During this gathering we intend to move diligently into the understanding of our lives.


Viewing and studying some selected talks of Krishnamurti
Dialogue groups
Hikes, twice weekly
Body awareness through Yoga and movement
In the evenings: either specific DVDs or music, or sessions offered by participants

Our intention is to create a space in which participants have a possibility to feel free and to reflect. We will be together to explore the mind, to let go of old patterns. There is no authority and no goal to reach.

The atmosphere of friendliness, seriousness, silence and togetherness is important in order to sustain that quality of inquiry. Mürren offers the possibility to be in touch with the beauty of the high mountains and the quality of silence.

This International gathering opens the possibility to create relationships with people sharing the same investigation, coming from different parts of the world.

Information: Gisèle BALLEYS, 7A Ch. Floraire, 1225 Chêne-Bourg/Geneva, Switzerland
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