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Retreat at The Krishnamurti Study Centre Rajghat Fort

woensdag 2 januari 2019 00:00 - dinsdag 8 januari 2019 00:00
Rajghat Education Centre, India - Benares
Uttar Pradesh 221001, India
+ 91 5422441289 
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Self-knowledge and the Transformation of Consciousness
International Retreat at The Krishnamurti Study Centre
Rajghat Fort | Varanasi 221 001 | Uttar Pradesh | India
2 – 8 January 2019

The Krishnamurti Study and Retreat Centre, Varanasi is happy to announce its second full week residential International Retreat from 2 – 8 January, 2019. The intention of this retreat is to create an ambiance that would enable the participants to enter into a spirit of serious inquiry. The talks, study material, group dialogues, video-screenings of Krishnamurti’s talks, will all be intended to unfold and explore deeply the different aspects of the central theme: Self-knowledge and the Transformation of Consciousness. The programme will be designed in such a way that there will be space to be quiet, to be with nature, to gather the energy necessary to observe, reflect on the theme, and share our observations. We intend to have in depth investigation and heart to heart conversations and dialogues on the questions that will be raised while listening to Krishnamurti’s talks

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  • Van woensdag 2 januari 2019 00:00 tot dinsdag 8 januari 2019 00:00

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